Suicide Blitz 2 on ENG - Help????

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    What are the actual requirements for the map to trigger after City 17? People have two separate versions installed and we aren't sure if its because of versions being incorrect or not. It's frustrating a lot of players in-game including myself.

    To trigger Suicide Blitz 2, is this the download needed? Before, it used to be the 3-part version, not the single part version. If it is, how many people need to have the map installed to trigger it?

    Waiting for an admin to force-change the map is not working. People want to play more custom maps (even more than what is provided) but it's not fair if we aren't even sure what we need to do in order to trigger the map?

    Also, as a side note: A LOT of ENG players want more Custom maps in rotation, but most do not even realize there's a forum to ask. They go and use discord (including myself).

    Please help : (

    [EDIT] Can it be announced in the server itself or pinged in discord to download the correct map if this is the case?
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    The server gradually remembers who has a given campaign, and only then calculates the number of online players and, if there are enough of them, turns on the campaign. There are no bugs.

    But the server remembers when the player actually plays in this campaign.