suggestion custom map : RedemptionII (2)

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    Hello, it's me again :D so basically we have 2 custom maps but only with L4D2 characters so with some members of the Discord we have discuss about custom map with L4D1 characters and we found that Redemption 2 could be great. here the custom map:
    The custom map story is about the end of the comic ( so after Blood harvest) to the start of The Sacrifice, we will understand how we got a train and "technically" why Zoey start to be mad against Bill.
    I don't use the charger add on cause i don't found that great x). Hope that could be okay to be tested.
    PS: i have test the map, no bug on the finale like many says ( or they doing something wrong)
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    I support this, though one of the comment said it has terrible optimization, especially on finale. If the optimization is bad, then people with bad computers will not really be able to enjoy it. Also, creator literally tells people to disable their own addons if they see crashes instead of making it more addon-compatible, also not good for the general audience.
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    For the ending the problem is : you have to get canister to some point, sometime the game validate the objective when you throw it using the action button ( if you throw with the mouse you have to shoot on wall to destroy it ) sometime when using the action the canister are not validate but still here so you have to use action bind again to "fix" that but it still playable since you can shoot the canister if you put it on the walls
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    Maps are accepted that consist of only one part and also do not have any errors that can affect the gameplay.

    P.S.: I have no plans to add new maps yet)
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    how do i put dislike here