Stopping downed players

Discussion in 'Main' started by [Hun] Lepto, Apr 7, 2021.

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    I know this has been discussed already, but can something finally be done about stopping downed players and letting them die in fire and acid? It's really annoying to die, because a newbie doesn't know he can't get the person up faster than him dying in the fire and/or acid. Something like a system that allows you to toggle whether you can be revived or not, that would already solve the problem.
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    I agree I can't remember the number of times I died in fire because someone was picking me up .But it would be hard to implement I think and would create the game more complex.
    It is also doesn't happen that often, not that necessary but would be good to have if it can be implemented .
  3. Accelerator

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    Done. Now when the player is crawling, it cannot be revived.
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    THANK YOU ACCEL! Finally, thank Accel, the days of dying, because they stop you while crawling are over.
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