Can admins on the (ENG) server get back their ability to teleport people?

Discussion in 'Main' started by [Hun] Lepto, Apr 21, 2021.

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    On Suicide Blitz 2, in the first part with the elevator, we have the problem of people not cooperating enough with us and we literally get our progression hindered because of them, by the time we are down there, atleast 10 of us are dead. Checking their names for slaying doesn't help, because they come in and out and if I come out of the elevator, they'll come out aswell for some reason and that's also after SI spawns are disabled, which makes this process even worse (especially if we get hordes on us). I know there was abuse because of this on the ENG server which is why the command was stripped from us, but I don't see current admins abusing this command, we know very well that we shouldn't use it for making the gameplay easier or interrupting it (I'll still use /slay command anyway for the majority of the times, because otherwise it would be affecting the gameplay), we just want a command to get uncooperative people who hinder our progress to get teleported, the main complaint about Suicide Blitz 2 is literally this and it hurts to see such a great campaign having this as the main issue. It wouldn't solve the problem if no admins are on the server, but it would significantly help and people would sooner or later learn it easier to get inside the elevator.
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    ill join admins again if he enables it haha :p
    also isnt there antifarm now ?:D
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    Antifarm only disabled SI spawns, but doesn't make people come in the elevator and CI can still come inside (especially those troll bilers). So no, antifarm is fine, but it doesn't stop people from running around like headless chickens still searching SI or trying to figure out where to go.
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    Use slay.
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    Ok, I'll use mouseover slay in that case, but if someone complains about an accidental slay, I'll not care.