Give jackpot chance to non-prorank players on (ENG) server

Discussion in 'Main' started by [Hun] Lepto, May 10, 2021.

  1. [Hun] Lepto

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    After a long and exhausting discussion, we generally agreed that giving non-prorank players a chance for a 250 points jackpot atleast (with the same probability as prorank jackpot) would help newer players catch up to the prorank players, making climbing ranks more skill-based rather than more time-based. Some of the prorank players generally agreed to such change if it could happen. Can we have that?
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    I agree.
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    Please add dislike button
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    Think about what you wrote and think what be the result If that would happen .
    It is stupid
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    This is a feature designed only for ProRank! You can achieve 640,000 points by playing a completely normal game on the server, but it is much more difficult to achieve heights on the prorank, which is why the jackpot was introduced. Under no circumstances will this be changed.
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    I need around 4 million points to get to pro rank XII and you need 640k to reach pro rank :D:D
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    I'm still unsure why extra points are given to players who are already earning more points than others. It makes playing competitively against a pro rank more difficult, given that they will -always- earn more than you do. There are players who play less - and play worse- than players who are lower ranks than them who will always be a higher rank due to the server awarding them for merely being at the top.

    If this were a racing game and players in 1st, 2nd and 3rd were given extra fast cars, they'd never lose their positions to players who could objectively be better "drivers". I've been told by some other players to just "get pro ranked" and then all is fair, apparently. But they seem to fail to see how awarding more points to players above you in ranking makes it harder to beat their rank.

    Either way, I don't think a "jackpot" system for non pros would even scratch the surface of making it unfair on pros. A jackpot for non pros would be a measly amount of points no more than 200. You *can* earn 640k by playing a normal game. But you can't ever catch up to the pro above you unless he stops playing.

    I think it's fine to drop this idea, sure. But I remain unconvinced as to why pros are even given more points than the rest of us. It pushes their numbers way above everyone else's. For as long as they are playing, even if they aren't playing particularly well, they'll never be caught up on by the guy below them. Because he earns less points from the server.
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    A pro-rank is like statistics in statistics, in which only players who have already passed the usual rank compete and they compete with each other, and any of them can have any pro-rank they want.
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    Губа не дура у иностранцев, уже джекпоты требуют o_O
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    If it's more of a statistics thing than a competitive thing, then sure. :)
  14. mk1

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    It's even funny to read this when they want to be given the jackpot as "skill" players, one have skill 259, another one have 589. :D