Petition To Remove Last Stand & Replace with Dam It (or other map)

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Remove Last Stand & Replace with Dam It (or other map)

  1. agree (yes)

  2. disagree (no)

  1. kati

    kati Новичок

    Hi, I have created this poll/petition due to many seeing complaints about the map Last Stand as well as disliking it myself the map is either too hard and not enjoyable to many players causing constant fails & retries and players rarely finishing the map or escaping leading to people avoiding playing while the map is on or doing cfs to wait for the map to finish.

    I think if removed Dam It would be a good replacement and here is why: Dam It is a canon l4d1 map it fills the space in between Dead Air and Blood Harvest however it was scrapped in development and didn't make it into the final game see here (Dam It | Left 4 Dead Wiki | Fandom) the map is very fun with new areas scenery & 3 new events and I think would fit well into the server and the theme once players are able to get used to it the campaign has 3 maps.

    Link to the map here:

    (If after testing the map is deemed not fit for the server by Accel or the players another map could be suggested it doesn't have to be this one I just think it would be good personally as its canon etc:))

    new map rotation would be: No Mercy, Crash Course, Death Toll, Dead Air, Dam It, Blood Harvest, The Sacrifice


    **this is an interest check for Accel to see how many people wish Last Stand was removed / replaced**
  2. Accelerator

    Accelerator Главный Администратор Staff Member Администратор

    I would advise you to write to the game developers about this :) this is a campaign built into the game by default and it is included in the rotation.
  3. sugoi

    sugoi Активный пользователь Участник

    As much as I hate last stand , it attracted and is still attracting a lot of new players .

    "Hey man I played this game 5 years ago , there has been a new map I wanna play it again"
    and then he finds core-ss :D
  4. [Hun] Lepto

    [Hun] Lepto Пользователь Участник

    Then after he plays it, he thinks to himself "Now I don't want to play the new map":D
  5. kati

    kati Новичок

    its impossible to remove from the rotation? :(
  6. Accelerator

    Accelerator Главный Администратор Staff Member Администратор

    I don't think the map is bad. We are a public server, some people like the map, some don't. For example, I don’t like the crash course, but that doesn’t mean that it needs to be removed from the rotation just because I don’t like it only.
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  7. sugoi

    sugoi Активный пользователь Участник

    I agree
    "Trash course"