Illegible to be admin because of Vacban?

Discussion in 'Main' started by The Engineer, May 22, 2021.

  1. The Engineer

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    I had spoken to accel some time ago regarding the issue of playing the role of administrator on the server. One of the reasons and the one that bothered me most was the fact that I had a ban on my account, considering that I had explained the reason for it to accel. What I don't understand is why I can't play the admin role because of this. Is it because it gives the server a bad reputation? Is it because there are supposedly better candidates? Or because of other reasons? Whatever they are, I'd like to be clear about them.
  2. [Hun] Lepto

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    I would also be interested in this, to get a bit more knowledge regarding who can be admin and who not, since I was not told about it.
  3. Natalie

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    Well they let you be admin, so I'm sure any saint person. :)
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  4. [Hun] Lepto

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    My reputation was not exactly what you could call "good", so I don't think so. The Engineer also doesn't have any bad reputation in general, in fact, it's a good one.
  5. mk1

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    Do you always have such clowning in your English chat? And do you want to be an admin?

  6. sugoi

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    They put me in giga simp , maybe they were joking haha :p
  7. Accelerator

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    VAC ban means dishonest use of steam services or hacking of the game. Also, for example, a player who has ever had prohibited addons and was caught will not become an admin. But yes, we can not always remember who was banned and for what :)

    Of course, the VAC ban does not spoil the reputation of the server in any way, but we try to adhere to the fact that the admins are clean.
  8. Saint Robb

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    It doesn't add anything to this conversation to complain about people making dumb tier list memes on the discord. If you had been there, or read the post this comes from, you'd know that this was made by at least 8 other people who all voted for where people would go on the list. NOT Engineer, who simply posted it to the english chat. Furthermore, it's just a little fun and nothing is to be taken seriously. Accel, for example, is in the "weirdo" tier since it was most likely considered a bit of a funny joke to add him there, since he does not often talk.

    In reality, we love Accel because he's the server owner and we enjoy the server. Much like many other people on the tier list, there is no harm intended and I know we are friends with the vast majority of them.

    I feel you are trying to add some bad blood to a normal conversation about a man asking why a VAC ban prevents his admin. If you don't like the fun had on the discord then you are free to not be in the discord. I see you are a member that never speaks there. So what is to complain about?
  9. mk1

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    Ассель, можешь удалить сообщение? Потому что оно не дает отредактировать себя.
  10. [Hun] Lepto

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    I'm sorry, we don't understand russian, so can you please translate it for us, english speakers? It's rude to say things people can't understand, but are aimed at them.
  11. Somebody

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    The message was not for you, it is for accel, that is why he posted it in his native language. Also, demanding that he translate it for you,that you can do it perfectly is rude. Like when certain players tell Spanish speakers not to speak Spanish in sever.
  12. [Hun] Lepto

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    It would be nice to also post a translation incase we are mentioned in it instead of having to google translate all your words. Even then, it's the international chat anyway where I think english is the encouraged language. But whatever.
  13. mk1

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    Use google. Its easy to understand.
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