Self mute plugin and self mute for chats

Discussion in 'Other' started by sugoi, May 28, 2021.

  1. sugoi

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    1.)!sm @all
    Often we see a lot of players spamming mic in the game , I was wondering everyone could be able to use
    !sm @all command and not just admins. Please correct me If I am wrong here , only admins can use !sm @all and !sm playername , normal player cannot :D

    2.) Self mute for chats
    Same for chats , some people spam them as well or maybe someone is saying something bad etc , we could self mute them x)
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  2. Accelerator

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    1) @all target is not available by default in sourcemod.
    2) just don't read the chat or install an addon that removes the chat window :)
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  3. sugoi

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    1.) Well ok XD
    2.) using addon to remove chat window also makes it hard to type !join or !cfs , we can still make a bind for it but then again I use /stats a lot to check tank damage and it hides that as well , although we can check console for it but the process gets more complicated. It's same as saying just use voice_enable 0 in the first place . Well if its you want ;D
  4. Somebody

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    If u bind the commands doesn't matter if you use any program to hide the chat. You don't need to see the chat if you do that.
  5. sugoi

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    Eng core is unique , it brings people of different countries together , they speak broken english , have fun , joke in the chat , I don't mean to disable it . Even if I disable it I won't be able to use /stats no matter the bind because its in the chat itself :p
  6. kati

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    +support some people are always talking about random weird things and it can be distracting to gameplay​
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  7. [Hun] Lepto

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    -support Some people would just use it to entirely turn off chat, I'm not up for the idea of total communication cut-off and it would be just bad in the long run. Also, what's wrong with people talking about whatever they want to talk about? I'm also not supporting it solely because it's sugoi's idea and he likes to !sm everyone he can for which he can be said to be a great example of total communication cut-off.
  8. sugoi

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    !sm lepto
    !sm nep
    2 commands which are always on haha :D:D
  9. [Hun] Lepto

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    Proves my point:p:D