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Should admins treat everyone the same?

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  1. mk1

    mk1 Активный пользователь Участник

    I hope someday admins will pay attention to their friends and give them warnings just like regular players. This monkey was recorded on video once, annoying many times. Thanks for attention. Please also note that the admin is on the server.

    [Play YouTube Video]

    [It is forbidden to turn on the radio in the game, use an open microphone with the presence of constant extraneous noise, play sound files through the game engine.] upload_2021-5-31_3-9-44.png
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  2. Somebody

    Somebody Постоянный пользователь Участник

    This usually happens a lot,sometimes some admis have priority over their friends and it is very annoying.
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  3. Natalie

    Natalie Пользователь Участник

    how do I like both of these posts ? :(:o
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  4. Accelerator

    Accelerator Главный Администратор Staff Member Администратор

    Admins were warned.
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  5. Kaisa

    Kaisa Новичок

    You should know that I had just joined the game. I'd be the first to tell someone off for using noises on the microphone.
    This happened for a few seconds after I joined and you come to the forums to complain about this after your 2 week ban?

    I sympathised with your case yesterday and pleaded for a 1 day ban, but we had to wait for Accel to decide on things.
    I do not prefer friends (idk what made you think we're friends just because we hang out in voice chat with others when we play now and then), I act according to the rules and I will still give that player a warning today if it makes you happy. I've already told him off in voice chat before that but just to make it clearer.
  6. [Hun] Lepto

    [Hun] Lepto Пользователь Участник

    If we see a player repeatedly do this, we give them punishment, regardless of their relationship. But if we see it only happen once, we will give them a warning first. Is it bad? Should we ban players back and forth for every small mistake they do? We can be like that, but that would mean for example that you also would have been banned in your case with Sebekkk the moment you TK him and he would probably not even insult you if we did that. We just don't understand what's the problem in us being fair, isn't that basically the very thing they hate in admins on other servers?
  7. mk1

    mk1 Активный пользователь Участник

    I'm talking about the fact that he did it several times and did not hesitate to do it, when the Admin went to the server, so what? It means that he is not afraid of this, because he is aware that he will not get anything for it.
    And what difference does it make when it happened, before my ban or after? You did your work.
  8. mk1

    mk1 Активный пользователь Участник

    Don't say he wouldn't insult me if you don't know for sure. I know perfectly well how most of the people on this server treat me and what they say, so I deeply doubt that it would have been without insults. Because all your insults on the server as you say "Joke"
  9. [Hun] Lepto

    [Hun] Lepto Пользователь Участник

    It was your continuous intentional TK that made him insult like that. If he still did it, I would have gagged him on the spot for the amount of weeks (or ban if there was TK in question too). He's normally a well-mannered player who plays the game like it's supposed to be, teammates being rude can get the worst out of people. Even then, if he was the worst person on the server, you had no right to TK him and there's nothing like "other players do it too if they're annoyed" because they get a punishment from us. We also don't treat all insults on the server as "jokes" if they clearly offends someone or the other party doesn't feel good because of it. But anyway, I'll stop this conversation here since I don't want to start arguing, just saying that under every good person lies a bad personality, doesn't necessarily mean they're a bad person especially when it only comes out when provoked.
  10. [Hun] Lepto

    [Hun] Lepto Пользователь Участник

    That's a wild assumption as I warned him several times for other reasons, we make it pretty clear that our decisions are unbiased and completely unrelevant to the relationship we have with those. She also told him in VC in-game or on Discord to not do this, you don't have to get so hung upon this one time, especially if noone bothered to tell her to "The Engineer has been doing this for a while, please do something Kai'sa".
  11. mk1

    mk1 Активный пользователь Участник

    You know better than me who is doing what on the server, why should I tell you about it? You have an admin chat, where you can perfectly write to whom you gave a warning and then another admin can ban him for the same violation. I doubt that Kaisa or you heard this monkey cry for the first time.
  12. Kaisa

    Kaisa Новичок

    Next time you should report him for spamming noises on mic then, instead of making a post here later, claiming admins give special treatment to "friends" lol. I joined the game and he did it ONCE (and I told him in discord voice to stop), how am I meant to know if he did it before?
    I will have a special eye on ALL OF YOU from now on, ZERO TOLERANCE.
  13. mk1

    mk1 Активный пользователь Участник

    My TK was not continuous intentional, he started insulting after the first TK. Usually he is not a well-mannered player, this is not the first time I notice this, only it was a few months ago, when I was an active player on the English server, only most of you just turn a blind eye to all this. Then I asked him to stop, but he did not do it either and continued to insult even more, although I no longer shot him, or should I upload an even larger part of the video where he continued his insults without mine TK?
  14. Kaisa

    Kaisa Новичок

    If you see this happen, write it in the reports channel on discord so it can be sorted out. Do you have any names, examples or just more wild assumptions?
  15. Natalie

    Natalie Пользователь Участник

    Why am I not surprised isn't that what you guys already do, considering someone you got admin removed. And Hun lepto,the engineer made joke of this. So what "you warned him?" or you already had plans engineer with your friends?? Is this just a warning too, or do you have plans for us now too? It seems to me that you're keeping on eye on certain people to get them banned. Is mk not allowed to make reports in forum because it ruins your saintly reputation Kaisa? He made this report before he knew about his 2 week ban don't blame it on that. He knows the engineer and your friends. How some of you guys even took the other report he made into the forum into the discord server, before what 10 people against 2? Everyone knows it's less chance of Accel seeing it that's why he posts it here and he has the right too, and apparently 2 pings is spam. Like you said Kaisa if you have any personal issues with any of us you can DM us privately )) Have a good day ^^^^:):p
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  16. [Hun] Lepto

    [Hun] Lepto Пользователь Участник

    Haha, I don't think I laughed harder at a forum comment than before. If Haba still didn't tell why his admin got removed, I'd recommend speaking more with him. All I can say is that our actions always have a reason and are done for a less toxic and safer enviroment.
  17. sugoi

    sugoi Активный пользователь Участник

    1.) They got someone's admin removed - We have proof of that which won't be shared because what wrong he did was ethically wrong and inhuman. More than 10 people had problem with him personally as well and because of the way he behaves and whines in chat.

    2.)About sebekkk and mk
    - I have banned sebekk multiple times before and he also has got tremendous amount of autobans , if mk you would have messaged any admin including accel sebekkk's next ban would be a month. But no he chose to TK , both have been fairly punished.

    3.) If someone is behaving good in chat is really good with other person , doesn't mean they are friends. Kaisa treats everyone equally.

    4.) Knowing engineer for long , he rarely makes some sound(or as you say "spam") they are supposed to be funny and they are to everyone , if you think that these 2-3 seconds are annoying you can use !sm . You complained on forums which is also the right thing to do . In any case if this is admin's fault or you guys are just being paranoid on such small an issue ,it is solved . The admins have been warned and so is engineer.
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  18. Natalie

    Natalie Пользователь Участник

    Haha no paranoia here) Just reacting as so, from the certain comment. Treated equally privately and publicly? Accel would send us to forum)) Question's still leave unanswered, my comment stands. But anyways life goes and as you said doesn't matter anymore actions have been taken. :p^^o_O Thanks anyways Sugoi.8-)
  19. The Engineer

    The Engineer Новичок

    Since I am the individual in question here I also have the right of expression to give my opinion. First of all I was not aware of this rule of spamming sounds hence the fact that the staff warned me not to spam those same sounds. Problem solved.

    Now, one thing you are doing very wrong is accusing the server staff of not playing their role and making false accusations. They are all impartial when it comes to breaking the rules in-game, no one is more than anyone else on the game server and discord server. I don't deny the fact that I produced the sounds with soundboard and you have every right to report as sugoi said, but one thing I'm noticing is that you and only you are taking my situation, and myself, somewhat personally, so whatever this grudge you're having with me let's both message each other and say what you have to say without involving the staff.
  20. Saint Robb

    Saint Robb Новичок Участник

    Funny to once again see numerous RUS core players, who are all friends with each other in a little group, that don't play on EN servers for months on end making rather presumptuous comments about our server and/or admin team suddenly. Right after one of them is banned rather fairly. If I didn't know any better, there was more to it. Mysterious.
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