New Tank idea: Cloud Tank

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    Hello, today i will show you my idea of a new tank who could be fun : Cloud Tank

    What is a Cloud Tank ?
    The Cloud Tank is a Tank colored in white, stronger than others tank, the power of this one it's to throw cloud rock; The Cloud Rock look like a rock but at the impact, explode into a white cloud/smoke. The effect of the cloud could be : make player's auras invisible in the smoke, making player change position cause of the cloud who block the view, if people are around or go in smoke they got the same effect as the smoker smoke but a little longer on them ( which mean their view get low).

    Why adding it ?
    Adding it could make the game a little more fun, by that i mean the cloud could block the view and make player move to not shoot any survivor n the way on the smoke, making them always move from their spot.

    That could add too a little more chance for people looting : if the smoke don't allow aura, every loot would not appear if they are on the cloud, making everybody searching for the great precious !

    I hope my idea is great x) thank for reading it
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