How do I apply for admin?

Discussion in 'Main' started by ALXanderSE, Jun 4, 2021.


Would you vote for me to be admin?

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  1. ALXanderSE

    ALXanderSE Новичок

    Hi, I'm ALXanderSE in game, don't know how to change the name here, this is an older nick I used.
    So, how do I apply for admin here?
    And also...
  2. Accelerator

    Accelerator Главный Администратор Staff Member Администратор

    Now there are enough administrators :)
  3. ƌɷՈĶϵʯ

    ƌɷՈĶϵʯ Пользователь Участник

    Get in line, kid, its my turn first XD
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  4. Seda

    Seda Постоянный пользователь Участник

    +1 vote for Donkey :D
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  5. ƌɷՈĶϵʯ

    ƌɷՈĶϵʯ Пользователь Участник

    Accel, the people have spoken XD
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  6. R1ZLA®

    R1ZLA® Постоянный пользователь Участник

    4 ΟΧΙ 1 ΝΑΙ ... (ναι μόνο εσείς ψηφίζετε) :D