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    We discussed this in the Discord (join for fun) and wondered if there was a way to come up with a Class system. Currently people kind of float between being more of an assault type or a support type, and we in discord talked about a cool way to develop one while benefitting the server:

    VIP would still be offered same price, but you have more options.

    VIP Assault (base+Aura) - You are someone that wants to play the frontlines.
    Your menu would be the same as it is now with changes-
    Add M60 with 100 Ammo to Menu (45 minute CD)
    Add Baseball Bat Melee Weapon
    (Maybe - Reduce CD on Katana)
    (Maybe - Remove Pills or Increase CD on Pills)

    VIP Support (base+Aura) - You are someone that will support the team.
    Your menu would be the same as it is now with changes-
    Add Defibrillator to Menu (45 Minute CD)
    Decrease Cooldown on Pills and/or Adrenaline
    (Maybe - Remove XM Shotgun from menu or increase cooldown)
    (Maybe - Remove Crowbar or some other melee OR increase cooldown)

    Personally I try to run support, and I don't pick up boxes or do try-hard gameplay at the front. I try to pick up defibs and kits, so a medic class would benefit me more.

    This would not change any point values to keep it simple. Regular VIP can stay too, to keep it simple for people who don't want to choose a class. This will just add a variety and playstyle preference while supporting the server.
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    I know very similar things have been pitched before (and been denied) but I think this is a cool idea. While it might be hard to implement extra things to the server, it will encourage new players to join who are interested in the unique system CORE has. It doesn't necessarily make things over complicated to add different options for VIPs, nor does it remove anything from people that would just like to keep the regular VIP. Something to consider, maybe? I know this topic comes up surprisingly often in the discord. :)
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    i like the idea about defib in vip menu
  4. mk1

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    All BW Vip's after that: With Defib behind the back.
    Cuz assault Vip looks bad.
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    M60 and an additional melee looks plausible. M60 is literally an AK you don't have to reload, but have to keep loaded with boxes. Though after you have good weapons, I agree that support VIP would be better for the very reason of having more pills and stuff.
  6. Accelerator

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    We do not pursue the goal of making more money on vip. VIP is made with the aim of supporting servers and minimally upsetting the balance, without prejudice to ordinary players.
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    Rather, it does not look like a goal, to expand the ways of making money on VIP, but a way to divide players by roles.

    Because from the strength on the server 30% of VIP players (if not less) mainly kill the SI and lead the team forward, the other part of the VIP works in the rear helping everyone.

    It's just that this division of the VIP will simplify the game on the server. But I'm sure that people will choose a VIP that is more OP, of course, these are pills and adrenaline. 4 Melee weapons are enough, sometimes even a lot. Probably for one mapa I spent all melee weapons 3 times.

    If you divide players by classes, then it is better to do this not as a VIP, but as a separate setting for the server, but then the server will become too high a threshold for those who have not played this game to understand the system..

    For example, a 10-level system:

    Assassin class:
    Has 110/120/130/140/150/160/170/180/190/200 HP (No health reduction over time)
    After incap also has 110/120/130/140/150/160/170
    180/190/200 hp, but health consumption per tick is 2 hp (From the side it seems the same 100 hp, one tick, 200 hp 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3 / 1.4 / 1.5 / 1.6 / 1.7 / 1.8 / 1.9 / 2 ticks, but with a hit from SI, a completely different situation)
    The first-aid kits that he uses for himself are treated with a 80% penalty (That is, out of 200 hp, he can heal himself 40)
    Adrenaline boosts weapon reload and fire rate, but no longer helps to raise teammates 2x faster
    Gains additional experience for killing hunters, jockeys, witches

    Support class:
    With the help of a first-aid kit, restores health to any player to the maximum (Ie Assassin 200, the rest 100)
    Chance that the defibrillator will not disappear after using 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10%
    The ability to take adrenaline and pills with you at the same time (If such an opportunity is realizable)
    Gains additional experience for helping teammates, for killing smokers and boomers.

    Destroyer class:
    Has a bonus to tank damage from all weapons 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3 / 1.4 / 1.5 (every 2 levels)
    Can't die from the charge of the charger (I hope I wrote it clearly)
    The damage from the Spitter Puddle does not multiply over time.
    Cannot be stunned.
    The smoker kills within 4 seconds.
    Gains additional experience for killing: Chargers, Spitters, Tanks

    Wanderer class:
    In principle, this position is without great advantages, the damage from all weapons is 20% higher
    It has no levels.
    Given immediately upon entering the server, can be changed upon receiving 40 thousand points.

    VIP does not affect these parameters in any way, it just goes from above.

    And I would make reaching the levels difficult starting from the 5th level, so that in a week people do not go with the 10th level destroying everyone.
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  8. Accelerator

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    I see no reason to introduce perks and similar systems, just so as not to complicate the understanding of the game.
    There is no point in dividing the VIP either. People will always take what is beneficial to them :) As a rule, VIP systems imply the following algorithm: the more you pay, the more you get. VIP is not a system on which a lot of emphasis is placed. We try to do more for everyone, not for a limited number of players.

    The idea of a topicstarter is not bad, but it's not yet time for its implementation, let's say so)
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  9. mk1

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    Of course, in this case, you will have to recycle all the damage and HP SI in order to achieve balance, but I doubt that such hemorrhoids are needed :D
  10. mk1

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    Well, as I said, there will be a large threshold for entry, so there will be less influx of new players, they will just see this system, think what kind of nonsense it is and leave.
    Well, I did not touch on the VIP, so it does not play any role there.

    People love to classify themselves into classes in the game, I think they just want to see it on the server.

    The only thing I could offer for them is the ability to change information about themselves in statistics.

    That is, Player Kost joined the game (Russian Federation, Moscow) [SUPPORT]

    That is, Player Antidote joined the game (Russian Federation, Moscow) [RIFLER]

    And so that this tag is in the game when you check a person's rank or see which players are on the server through the chat commands.
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  11. Kaisa

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    Love the class idea from both sides with the different roles. :)
    But I understand if it is a little confusing for new players (not sure about this though, people are used to it from almost every other game).
    Still, maybe something to consider for the future?