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  1. [Hun] Lepto

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    It would be great if the chance for hardboxes was tuned up a bit, the server is in need of proper challenge like before when 1-2 hardboxes were basically the norm and good players had to carry the team. Maybe adding 1-2 extra loots or extra points for hardbox SI being killed would make it more fair instead of just having it as an overall only bad box (it feels as if the loot thing is already like that tho). There are many times nowadays when we can easily faceroll maps when we have good weapons and no permament bad box is opened (and even at some of those times, we still can). It would encourage players for better teamwork and better adapting, something that is fairly missing on the ENG server.:) It would also make farming more punishing with there being a bit more risk in it after the team has good weapons.

    Maybe reduce the chance for hardboxes after they're opened with that reduction either stacking or being a fixed value after the first? Maybe also reduce the chance of bloodbox a bit. There are many ways it could be balanced.
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  2. CRIMson

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    Probably extra points as there is already bonusbox for extra loot, but maybe instead of "more" loot make it increase the chance of dropping good weapons from SI while hardbox is on, like melees, magnum, spas, gl, etc. Quality over quantity.
    Agree. I stayed out of "normal" servers because it was boring to finnish the map in 5min. There have to be some considerations though. Maybe increasing the chance of hard and angry box equally when there are X amount of weapons of X category (mainly awp, scout, gl and spas). Also decrease the chance of a second hardbox after the first one is on, and give room to more chances of a angrybox to drop first.​

    And on the topic of the other "bad" boxes, i'm probably very bias on this one but, bombox, meteorbox, electrobox, etc, are really a dead sentence when there are hardboxes activated. They are already annoying alone (but fun in the end), maybe reduce its occurrence while hard/angry box are on.​

    All in all, buff % of hardbox and angrybox (higher chance of occurrence & quality of loot dropped) and tune down a bit the other bad boxes plus adding and link to % of drop of such boxes to weapon availabilty.

    Sorry if too long, i'm far from being a top player so feel free to point out anything.​
  3. sugoi

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    does core have features if high rankers join the game , the game becomes more harder itself?
  4. [Hun] Lepto

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    I don't know if such system is possible to make. Seems too complicated for an old source game, but it would be great if it was possible.
  5. [Hun] Lepto

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    If there was, farming would be less of a faceroll, the only thing that tunes up the difficulty is the director itself, but that's just a vanilla feature and it doesn't make much difference in a server like this.
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    This is realizable, but very time consuming and does not make sense. We had a long history of setting difficulty based on the number of TOP players. It gave practically nothing. There are also servers that do just that and they are always empty :)

    Loot drops, boxes, spawn of complex special infected, tank classes and so on are completely random. As practice, which has been tested for years, has shown, this is the best way! So, the game is always different. Sometimes it is easy, sometimes it is difficult, and sometimes it is super-difficult :) This is why it is interesting to play on our servers, and that is why many players play with us. We are very deliberately adding something new and mainly focus on making it even more fun :D (although not everyone understands this fun and asks to reduce the difficulty with some cuts in the gameplay).

    In fact, we have the highest difficulty of the game than on any other similar server. Twisting it even further will create an imbalance when there are few top players. Balancing complexity, as I said earlier, is not a good idea. The game will become monotonous. Randomness is best.
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  7. Accelerator

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    By the way, if you don't have enough complexity, I can turn on the last function that distinguishes the eng server from the rus server - the steering charger :)
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  8. [Hun] Lepto

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    Please no, anything but that, it's already a pain when hardbox chargers can't be dodged because of that. Maybe if you made chargers not be an insta-kill, but even then, it would be just unfairly difficult, especially in open fields.

    The difficulty was seemingly just right in my opinion when hardboxes were a usual occurrence, though I agree that there were alot more pros at that time. But so, pros are born in fire (harder difficulty), aren't they?o_O They were playing literal hell difficulty at the time, that's why even the worst of them could carry the team. That's mainly why I think adding an extra difficulty option would be nice, for people who want to become better to have an option and not just rush through the maps instead of those rare occurrences when there are multiple permament bad boxes and for people to be forced to become better in such enviroment. I would also be fine if there was a training server, though that would cost you money, so I'll not ask something like that from you, even if you were open to the idea.

    Also, if you're open to adding different stuff to the ENG server, how about adding the previous realismbox you wanted to add? That box mainly received negative opinions, because players got too used to playing with auras, give them 1 month and they'll get used to it after they get through the 6 stages of grief:p:D. Though I'm not sure if VIPs should still have auras with that box on.
  9. Accelerator

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    Such chargers do not always kill)

    The gameplay is largely created by the players themselves. Opening boxes is part of the gameplay on our servers and creates complexity. The problem on the eng server is that people are afraid of accusations of opening bad boxes in the crowd, saferoom doors at any time, etc. If you want to change this, as admins, you can set an example for others how to open saferooms and boxes in a crowd :D
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  10. sugoi

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    The server is random which makes it fun yes that's true :))
    I'm a newbie to those chargers but they always do not kill you , just leave you incaped.
    I don't see any need of buffing hardbox imo eng server is still not great with experienced players (there are some but not a lot)
    But we can try steering charger for a day or 2 , see how it goes :D
  11. sugoi

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    Exactly , people are afraid of opening boxes because of how they get accused in chat , they do not see it as a part of gameplay .
    What's the challenge if a newbie does not open safe room door and leave you surprised ?haha
    PS: not everyone is afraid of getting accused :p
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  13. sugoi

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    Turn on the steering charger!!
  14. [Hun] Lepto

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    Noooo! Realismbox instead!
  15. sugoi

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    yes they always do not kill but leave you incap:)

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