Exiting After Destroying Teammates - The "Sorry" Molly

Discussion in 'Main' started by ALXanderSE, Jun 7, 2021.

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    Okay, I can't tolerate this thing anymore. People throwing molotovs or something that dismantles completely another teammate, afer which you exit the game. I saw it once, twice, thrice, this shit is not "oh it just happened", or "a little mistake". As I was present at an admin saying this about biles (vomjitar): if you're not sure it hits just the tank (target I suppose), don't do it. It's getting too common.
    "Oh I'm so sorry" after he/she kills or incaps 5 teammates.

    This thread was written with the purpose of raising awareness only. I'l call this The "Sorry" Molly
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    Take screenshots/demos and send them to admins to help you solve the problem. There are different situations.