Convert the Versus servers to Coop servers but with only custom maps and shared statistics?

Discussion in 'Main' started by [Hun] Lepto, Jun 8, 2021.

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  1. [Hun] Lepto

    [Hun] Lepto Пользователь Участник

    We have been thinking that the versus servers are really empty most of the time and that noone who plays your Coop servers is really interested in Versus (hence why would they play Coop constantly then:D). They're hardly profitable to you aswell from a financial POV, since I doubt people really buy VIPs for that server.

    We think it would be a good idea if they were converted to Coop servers too where the custom maps we want to play could be played or if you're not up for that, it could even be a secondary RUS and ENG server for when people don't like the atmosphere of the first server or it's full. Their statistics would be shared, so it could serve as an alternative server sometimes, though if you want, you could also have them with different stats. It would solve the problem of waiting for full servers to get a slot, especially when you have to wait a literal hour just to get a slot. You can ask others, I can confidently say there would be no person who wants to keep the versus servers.
  2. ChirithyLight

    ChirithyLight Новичок Участник

    I agreee with ths idea, most of time the versus is empty or have some player. Plus on the versus there more provocation and insult cause of people who know all instant death spot, teammate who don't help when they ned help, the rusher who literrally don't care of other. Having a server for custom maps would be great not only for ENG but for RUS too because maybe they will enjoy custom maps and new environment or area instead of still playing same
  3. DeVi

    DeVi Постоянный пользователь Участник

    [Play YouTube Video]
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  4. Seda

    Seda Постоянный пользователь Участник

    All versus players want to keep the VERSUS servers.
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  5. [Hun] Lepto

    [Hun] Lepto Пользователь Участник

    If they want to, they can speak up, but I don't see a constant playerbase that also claims those versus servers as their home.
  6. skat11

    skat11 Постоянный пользователь Участник

    there is a lot of impudence. Let's have a match, versus vs coop. If the co-op loses, they will donate to the VIP
  7. [Hun] Lepto

    [Hun] Lepto Пользователь Участник

    We could keep 1 versus server, but what's the point of a second one if it's constantly empty or have low player numbers? It would be much better off being a different server that many people would want to play in. Even now, one server has 6 players, other has 10 and I don't think I ever saw both being full at the same time.
  8. Accelerator

    Accelerator Главный Администратор Staff Member Администратор

    Versus servers have their own regular players and sponsors. There are currently no plans to close them.

    As for the coop server with custom campaigns. We have had experience in creating such a server. The first month the people played, then they stopped, because the constant play on additional campaigns becomes boring.

    There are no plans to open an additional coop server, and if it does, it will be open in America :) But so far, normal hosting in America simply does not exist :D
  9. CRIMson

    CRIMson Новичок

    Nice, hoping for that day to come :)

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