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Discussion in 'Main' started by ChirithyLight, Jun 11, 2021.

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    Hello! today i will explain my idea for a new box, as you know we have blood box, healbox and medbox. that mean we got 2 "bonus" box for heal and 1 malus. my idea is maybe too hard for the server or to be created but here the idea: when the box is opened, medkit will not appear until we all die or finish the map, this mean we will have to be carefull with the medkit we still have, and work together, plus trying to share pills and adrenaline corectly to help all players. THis idea is inspired by the gamemode, where only pills and adrenaline are on map for healing.

    IF you like the idea or not i will appreciate any comment.

    i hope the idea could be a great thing on server.

    PS: i still not have a box name so .. if you have an idea feel free to give one x)
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    i like the idea , also happy birthday x)
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    Yes you do, you're a masochist.

    And yeah happy birthday.
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    Thank you ! :D