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    "Hun Lepto say I incapped him already" "Hun Lepto say is ur cunt fine, cuntboy?" "Hun Lepto say this guy must be a fuckboy" "Hun Lepto say you fucking asshole" "Hun Lepto say you guys can't be such pussies if you want to win" "Hun Lepto say KEEP HIM INISDE YOU IDIOTS" "Hun Lepto say who the fuck opened the door" "Hun Lepto say but still, fuck him" "Hun Lepto say FUCK YOU CHINESE MAN" "Hun Lepto say fuck off" "Hun Lepto say Y'know Habashe that TK from us is never intentional? (Yeah yeah ofc)" "Hun Lepto say iya, fuck you" "Hun Lepto say IYA, OPEN" "Hun Lepto say and this bastard arvito got it" "Hun Lepto say ty baci for being a dick" "Hun Lepto say Ryo, fuck off" "Hun Lepto say you fucking troll piece of shit" "Hun Lepto say piece of shit" "Hun Lepto say FUCK OFF" "Hun Lepto say FUCK OFF TEAM" ----This is a small part of the messages, since this character speaks in most cases into the microphone, unfortunately it is impossible to see the microphone logs. When he shouts at the command and insults it, or simply speaks out in a way that is not supposed to be an admin. I am no saint I agree but I am not admin, this guy Hun supposed to be good admin as accel require the admins to be, but instead he keeps insulting ppl and abusing power on them. This person always talks to me in hateful way just because he's an admin, he has personal reasons to ban me from discord server and he is doing everything to do to ban me. I am and some players (without saying names) agreed that this kind of behavior is shouldnt be an admin specially for the insults part which it was the main reason of my admin removal so he should be removed too.))
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    This post coming only an hour or so after you were banned from the discord for openly insulting and repeatedly lying, provoking and annoying seems to be no coincidence. In fact, this post only seems to prove to me that the ban was justified. As, despite the fact I told you multiple times that almost the entire admin team agreed you should be banned, you didn't believe me. And kept telling me that Hun Lepto, said character, was "abusing his power".

    Almost the entire Admin team agreed to remove your Admin role. Accel included.

    Almost the entire Admin team on discord agreed you should be banned for similar drama causing such as this post.

    Please stop crying, blatantly lying, manipulating and causing unnecessary drama for the simple fact you feel targeted. You are not targeted. Your behaviour is just repulsive and it is not welcome on the discord. I tried talking to you about this calmly and privately and yet here it is on the forums. You've only done this to yourself.

    I hope you delete this and end your petty drama here. It is unnecessary and there is no one that agrees with you. Unless, of course, they are also known drama seekers whom want nothing more than the admin team to be removed and certain people they have personal grudges with to be banned.
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    La la la la la la la la hey hey hey goodbye
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    If it is like that, most of the admins should be removed and never given back the position, including you, I could easily share the pictures of your swearing too:) Until I allow people to even insult me and I let them have mostly free speech (to an extent that they don't go for each other's throats), I don't think there's any problem with it, since NOONE ever reported to me that I'm going too far with myself and NOONE ever got offended, never got even one feedback that I offended someone and if I did, well, they can complain to Accel and he can scold me, yet I didn't get that kind of message anymore a few months after I became an admin. And I don't think I was talking to you in an uncivilised way like ever, lol. At max in a sarcastic way that you didn't bother to complain about anyway.

    As Robb said, it was also not just my decision for you to get banned on Discord, but the decision of several other people and for a good reason. We are not bound to share the information with you aside from the reason you got banned for, but you should know it yourself anyway if you look into yourself (which you are still seemingly unable to do).

    Also, excuse me, where's the part where I abuse my power? I don't think anyone reported that kind of thing to me before, not even in the admin team did anyone get any complaints about me abusing my power. And again, what's with this "I have people who complained about that person before, but I'll not share their names" thing again your "friend" used last time? If you have, you can share their names with an admin you can trust, but keeping this anonymousity will not help your case at all, rather make it even more questionable.

    The decisions we do is never done due to personal reasons or because we hate someone, but because we want to keep the server a better place. If not just me, but multiple people decided that your presence and actions were unhealthy for the server (and that doesn't count the people who openly admitted their complaints about you, a certain higher person knows too:D ), then it's not our own fault, but only your own.

    That's all I really want to say. Also that with these kind of forum threads here, it's not me who you are shaming, but only yourself. You're the only one hurting yourself.
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    Basically, the English community never ceases to amaze me.
    Of course, I can't know everything, because now I play in English less often than usual and I don't follow the situation on the server, but based on what I read above, I can say that these insults to players are unacceptable for server administrators.
    For which, by the way, Hun Lepto himself voted for, based on the post of the Accelerator, where he lists all the persons who took part in the drafting of the new server rules.
    That is, a person violates the rules in the compilation of which he was directly involved, how is that? Do the rules apply to players, but not to admins? It smells like some kind of duplicity.

    Rob said about open lies, as I said, I don't know the whole situation, but specifically in this post I did not see any lies, this administrator really wrote these things.

    The most amazing thing is that this action takes place only in the English community and I see that everyone accuses Habashie of this, but he also plays and communicates on the Russian server and there is no such attitude towards him, why? Not a single admin on a Russian server allows himself to be superfluous and does not offend the players, he can swear at the situation, but he will never offend another player.
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    there is no one that agrees with you. Unless, of course, they are also known drama seekers whom want nothing more than the admin team to be removed and certain people they have personal grudges with to be banned.


    - My response to MK, known drama causer and english server grudge haver. For what reason, I am not sure. Both of you be quiet. No one cares. From what I've seen from my short time knowing both of you, you have very repulsive personalities and mouths that do not cease to run off for no reason. I am sure a certain N could agree. It depends what day of the week it is though. Regardless. This is all HIGHLY unnecessary. Habashe is banned for reasons far beyond light insults. Hun's light insults are also not against the rules. Nor have they ever received a single complaint.

    You guys cannot even lie properly. Habashe has PERSONALY complained to the admins about having issues on the RUS core server and that people there openly do not like him. Yet here you are speaking for them and claiming everyone there loves this innocent, poor bystander.

    I will re-iterate so that you might understand. This forum thread was made out of pure spite and hatred. Simply crying over being banned. Your reply is much of the same. Attempting your best to shoulder yourself into some drama to profit from it. Do not reply to me, as nothing you can say or ever will say will change my mind on the matter. This forum thread is unnecessary. Do not return to the discord, either of you.
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    The point of the rules is not to break them and wait for them to complain about you, right?
    It's not about breaking these rules, which, unfortunately, you don't. Otherwise, what if you can shoot at partners until someone complains? Can you throw vomit at teammates until someone complains? That is, in fact, you can do everything until someone complains about you, then what's the point of laying out these rules?
    You have written these rules for your server, but you are not following them. As a result, the server remained what it was.

    Some players are just lazy or don't know how to use the forum to submit a complaint, especially in the Russian forum.
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    It is not against the rules to be angry. It is not against the rules to be frustrated.

    It is against the rules to directly insult and provoke other players. That is the difference here. One I do not doubt you are openly pretending to not understand as both you and Habashe have open, known grudges against this admin and the english server.
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    Are you forbidding me to be on Discord just because I give my opinion? What happens if I visit Discord? Will you ban me "for no personal reasons" or what?

    I'm not worried about Habashi being banned, I'm talking about what Lepto says about other players. Or was he writing this in the direction of Habashi in each of these insults?
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    I am not telling you now about some situation connected between them, am I telling you about what he says towards other people, or do you not see the difference?
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    "Insults and provocations of players, as well as administrators, are prohibited on the server under any circumstances. This includes nicknames and / or sprays, aggressive communication, etc."
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    Do you remember now the rules that you made together with the rest? Please put them on the background of your computer so that every time you sit down at it, you re-read these rules.
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    There are rules that are clear cut and there are some rules that can be bended a bit further as they're more controversial, the rule regarding insults are as they're also tied to people and everyone has a different mindset regarding them. I do get away a bit sometimes, but I don't go out of my way to literally wish a person to kill themselves or openly shame them or even hold long conversations about why I don't like certain people in the game chat. So long as noone is bothered by it so much that they report me, there's not a problem.

    Also, aggressive communication means the person wouldn't even be able to communicate in a civilised manner, they would be literally impossible to chill down. I never go out of my way to make minutes long rants in VC and tell everyone to f*ck themselves while people are trying to calm me down. To get angry is human nature, to vent out some frustration with some words is too, but not calming down and being influenced by it is animalistic behavior that I obviously don't show nowadays.
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    This is - quite literally- what I've already said.

    Also, as I've already said and predicted, it would be quite pointless to talk to you or Habashe about this. Known troublemakers, drama causers and grudge-havers.

    Nothing Hun has said is against the rules.

    Habashe broke the rules.

    You, if you keep spamming this thread, are breaking forum rules. As I'm quite sure you could've easily put this into one post and not sperged yourself into 4 replies to my 1 concise message.

    And yes. I do not want you in the discord. As I know quite clearly you would use it as a platform to either directly provoke Hun or the other english server members as the discord is rather english heavy. I don't know what it is that has given you this grudge. I don't quite know what has given Habashe this grudge either. I don't have anything against either of you, nor do I think I've said anything insulting to either of you. At this point, everything I say is repeating what has already been said in my first post. I cannot help either of you in understanding my already quite simple point.

    Please talk to Accel directly if you feel anything done here, or on the discord, is unjustified.
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    I have never created a drama and have never provoked anyone, if you remember the question about that "Tier List" we closed it, is not it? And we have already said that we will not talk about this topic, but you continue this.

    Is it breaking the rules that I split my answer by 4? Which ones, please show me.
    If you are not aware of the definition of the word "Spam" these are your immediate problems.

    You say that I provoked someone, but if there had not been a message about "Tier List" then I would not have started this conversation with anyone at all, who is the provocateur in this situation, tell me?

    Now I am not angry and not offended by anyone, I am speaking by the fact that insulting players in any form is not a good feature for an admin. I do not urge anyone to delete now, if you look at it this way, I urge you to use the rules so that there are no situations like this one.

    Even if Habashi wrote this post for personal reasons, this does not mean that this post is lying about something, Hun really wrote these messages and really insulted players (I remind you that insulting players is prohibited in any situation).

    And yes, the forum exists to contact the Main Admin directly, so Accel will see it, you don't have to worry about it.
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    Crying and whining on the forums does not change Habashe's status as being banned for their behaviour.

    "You cannot ban me, look, one of the admins that banned me says swear words!" is not a valid response. If this thread was an apology, maybe it could be considered. But it just goes to show what sort of person they are when they immediately go to pointing fingers at others when they are at fault. As for you, as you know very well, you have come here to profit. To sate your grudge against the english server. I realise you might be bored, as you have constant personal issues on and off and probably have nothing better to do. But please do not continue to come and but into every issue that has nothing to do with you and state an opinion that is objectively wrong.

    Even if we are to assume that Hun's bad language and his tendency to get frustrated when losing is against any form of the rules that HE helped write, it is completely unnecessary to talk about that here, let alone randomly post it in a desperate attempt to drag someone with you after being banned from the discord.

    As said before: This post by Habashe only goes to prove why they were banned from the discord. It proves nothing towards nor against any of the entire team of admins that agreed to remove them. The case is rather closed. Your opinion in it or not, is noted.
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    You didn't show concrete evidence in the first place when the tier list matter was being discussed, yet you still say someone actually complained about it when people straight up said the reverse about it:D:D:DI just love how you like to make your lies seem like truth.

    I don't think it's up to you to decide what is a good feature for an admin and what not. Don't like it, don't like me, but I don't think it really matters until it starts affecting my decisions as an admin. We too are players and we too accept the same fate usually as players. You say that it would be better if we would be all silent all game and if someone said "fuck you" to us, we should ban them? Is it better than us acting like normal players and giving you all more chances to explain yourselves? I don't think we were quick to do any heavier decision, like ever, we always think them through.
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    Ngl I look at this not reading the whole thing but with someone being angry at the team for wanting them to actually follow a leader Hun does say alot of shit does he mean it no and most of this is cuz he is angry and you lied about this shit alot and I will say this stop tryna maniuplate what a person is tryna say and actually understand the context he is mad for people being dickheads but again we all have angry inside of us doesn't mean we can just keep inside us all the time were not the sas we can't control it in a way where you can make it postive and I will stand by that this is a joke and you need to grow the fuck up and actually get a grip in your life instead of complaing all the time
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    It turns out that you, too, have nothing to do, and you poke your nose into questions that do not concern you? (Just a lyrical stupidity because you just said something stupid)
    I have no dislike for the English server, I just wonder at the toxicity of people on the English server.
    Why is my opinion not correct, tell me? I'm screaming that you banned Habashi in vain, unban him? Or what?
    I'm talking about the fact that such communication between the admin and the players is unacceptable, and not about the situation that you had in Discord, about which I don't even know anything.

    Why can't I say that he took part in writing the rules? Do you forbid me? Or am I lying? What is the reason? Or do you just want to protect him?

    I don’t care what happened in the discord, you probably don’t hear me, I’m talking about how Han Lepto communicates with people on the server, allowing himself to offend them.
    Please turn on your brain and understand my message, once again, it has nothing to do with Habashi's discord problems.

    I'M TALKING ABOUT HUN LEPTO OFFENSES THE PLAYERS, I have already written to you in caps what I am talking about.
  20. Saint Robb

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    Habashe, for years according to some players, has been the main source of toxicity on the English server. I won't bother reading nor replying to the rest of your entire message as it seems you are openly ignoring what I am saying anyway.

    Hun hasn't broken any rules.
    Habashe has.

    As for my involvement in this conversation, I am an admin on the discord and Habashe had DM'ed me privately about this issue before they made this forum post. So I'd say I have far better reasons to be talking in this thread than you do.
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