Allow sm_spray command for all players or VIPs atleast for better spray reporting

Discussion in 'Main' started by [Hun] Lepto, Aug 10, 2021.

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    We get reports several times about sprays, but the problem is, if no admin is on the server, we will only see sprays that were sprayed AFTER we joined, not the ones before we joined. This is quite problematic, since that requires the person who originally sprayed something that is not allowed to spray it again, but at that time, the person could easily leave without anyone knowing who did the spray in the first place. For that reason, several people get away with zero punishment or not all of them and it also makes us seem unreliable on that topic. We would benefit strongly from such change and we could always just oversee the community portals (this forum, Discord) incase people are using it for shaming or other not allowed purposes. I know it's a controversial topic,

    On a side note, it would also help if you added the 2500 points requirement for players before they can use sprays as you originally promised in the argument related to this (or if it's enabled, we are not sure and it would be good to have a confirmation about it).
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    good idea, noob :D
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    Accel, why are you not replying to this forum thread? I didn't get a definitive answer or any counter point to my idea atleast.
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    I somehow answered this question in the Discord. Players sometimes get confused about which sprays are allowed and which are not allowed. Also if the sprays are superimposed on each other, this command may show the wrong owner of the spray. To exclude cases of false reports, it is better for players not to give this opportunity.
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    Well, that was not how it was exactly answered from what I remember, but it's a more satisfying one, so thanks for your attention.

    True, the players usually don't know what is allowed and what not, but I can't see why us getting tons of false reports that also have the names of the spray owners would be worse than us getting reports that we usually can't catch in time. We need some kind of system as alot of the times, these people can get away from punishments and people really like to complain alot about sprays (even if we tell them to disable sprays if it bothers them too much). Again, we would be fine to deal with all the false reports, the extra work it would give us would be worth it and players sooner or later would easily know what is accepted and what is not.