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    Interesting thread from here

    This is just my thought & explanation how this possible, yes its definitely possible if you wanted.

    1. Vip's Power
    2. Time
    3. Experienced

    I know this guy if I'm not on the wrong person, during his 600hours runs he's playing every day nonstop intensive.

    Vip's Power combined with experienced gameplay, and play time.

    But unfortunately yes it's mostly because Vip's power,

    with VIP you get Free items like Shotgun, SG552, Melee weapon, adrenaline, extra health, extra points, copters etc.
    Those items like 99% most of the time accessible after joined the server, or if you didn't die at all in game. Imagine you also experienced this kind of server Super Coop Rank Color.
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    Vip system really gives huge boost. Also it allows game servers to stay online.
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    Yup. It's like already have everything important from the get go. (Mostly important melee weapon & adrenaline). So you can Rushing in front of everyone first.

    When nobody have vip, any guy with vip can do multi-streak pretty easily, of course skill still intact.

    If you don't have vip, you need to pick a random weapons on the ground every time.

    Yeah nothing wrong with donating the server, Core-SS by far one of the best coop server:).
    But the benefit of VIP can be huge like you said. That's why it's possible gaining Points & rank very quickly.
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    For fun, maybe add some New Rank called Pro-Hardcore/Pro-Oldschool Rank Title or something like that with new Color (probably White/Brown color), for the People who can get black color's points but play it clean without "those benefit" at all.

    You can still donating server if you willing tho, but you feel you do not need those extra benefit, and for the purpose to get those rare rank. Add new donate system without extra benefit [VVIP/Vip-2] or whatever. SO people in the game will not bitching you're not donating at all, and know what it is & how it works.

    Just my humbling. But I know I think this is not possible.
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    I know i am very late for this reply but i would like to add up some things which no one have mention and it is very importent for the players who are VIP and paying for it

    CORE SS was never into the money making from the very first day and even today if you see its a VIP power you see that power comes so cheap compare to the other servers boots or what ever you name it

    I simply dont think that VIPs have any kind a boost what you Think they can have a advantage BUT ofcourse a player like PRO XXX they can have a advantage of it coz those players have a good gameplay and they can take the damage of the gavem

    Now let me take you to the tearm and condition of the VIP which you have not though of

    According to this link if you read everything you have lot of restrictions also so it is not at all overpower to a VIP and its a misunderstanding to people who say VIP is over power and get guns and those GUns are very common you can get those 3 guns on 1 Boss killed so there is no point :)

    Related to this post ?

    Accelator is a very serious admin and owner of the server and he know what he is doing and if he say that he did check on it then he did check on it coz he will also not check untill he recive lot of requests from everyone. And personly speacking i know this guy from the time this server is there and i know he want the best game play on the CORE SS and there is no compromise on it :) SIMPLE...

    Guys a little request before you jump into the fourms just go to some History of the sever and then start posting and from where this game play you are gtiign and things you point on someone :)

    Lots of regards

    I Am Legend