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    I gonna start this thread because so keept watching every single thing from 2015 probably more time; actually i get more time to spend playing here like one year ago
    on my case i would fight against people harrasement and abusing, cheating and "abusing rights" any individual actions
    it was month ago talk with accel about inconvinient with manager/administrator here
    i try not include many names here almost relation balanced but not healthy so depend those people and future attitude (i speak with someone told he said could start himself a treatment; I respect for his personal status)
    at the begin here not was not good reception here, i never forget that moment
    i fight against people like anarchy, staff, feron, fiction, zoran and long etcera and ambiciuos "way to play"
    but "staff" is a case appart probably most greedy player i ever see, his attitude sick out has notion ruinin game; i have question about this he is using modds or addons a natural person no has allow to use it
    i think exist people who want raise this server to status online permanent, but this condition not give right to abuse long period, the crew/ administration has the ball own hand to do a intervention or correct hostile acts

    i hope so, no watchin here somepeople just think own benefit all time & abusing vip condition

    not matter what, i have good feels about people knows around the date when I start here
    probably on the future i disconnect months but keep online at night

    i have excess too but keep under control, at the moment spend more time playing or watching a video to distract me, so think im target it
    the reason using this photo, someone sneaking to take point at "precision time" to kill a human tank
    i will stay on touch

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    No idea if I am allowed to write in here(and if not, well, may my post be deleted) but after reading this with blood in my eyes because of the way this has been written - grammatically, structurally, and maybe emotionally..

    ...- I have been wondering:

    1. Could you please elaborate on the so "ambitious way to play" you mentioned? Because you seem to put us all in a single bottle even though our game-play is completely different from each others, but I guess the only thing you mean is us getting frags and surviving most of the time.

    2. You describe StaFF as greedy. Well, my friend, be it as it may, even if he was, first of all, I don't see him breaking any rules. Secondly, it's the players choice to decide on how exactly he wants to play the game(if he doesn't break any rules, again), isn't it? There is a ranking system for a reason and if that leads to people being motivated to raise their rank above others then it actually just does what it is supposed to do or not?

    3. I am not really sure if I understood you correctly but it seems that you accuse him of having cheats or addons without any basis besides, I guess envy? Me, and others, watched him multiple times(I don't mean spectating, I mean by watching his stream on steam). And while I watched him playing - without any addons - he still delivered the same results that he delivers to this date.

    4. You know, if you actually tried to improve in this game instead of letting your emotions get ahead of yourself every time someone does something that is not in your favor, you would easily know, that after so many hours of playing(especially StaFF's 12k(!) hours), guessing the tanks hp becomes rather natural, especially if there are not a lot of people playing, and in case of one or two AWPs or a molotov, it is even possible to count the health down precisely as well.

    5. I don't get the problem you've had with me since, if I can help someone, I help, if I am in a situation where I do something else, it's because of a good reason but definitely not because of personal feelings. If I walk past someone to pick someone else up, it's either because: 1. the other person will die faster; 2. the other person will be more beneficial to the team(e.g. help us survive and prevent a wipe) 3. I know that I can't save that person anymore(spitter, fire, etc.) and don't want to waste time trying while the other has way higher chances of survival 4.I don't see it(?!). I don't do drama, ever. The only thing I do sometimes is to "troll with a troll" or reply with a simple message that tells the other exactly how much I care about what he writes about me. My frags(if anybody even cares lol(1)), the only thing I can write is,..what the fuck, all I do is use basic skills that are required in any fps game, and I play/played a lot of that, I mean really, a lot and I also focused on improving for a long time and had the luck to meet awesome people which really gave me a big advantage as a beginner in these games. Listening well, aiming well, having good reaction speed, and lastly, experience. And perfecting even just one of these, it becomes rather easy for people to say "oh hey, that must be a cheater!". Also, about (cheating)addons, Accelerator does a pretty good job at taking care of people who use grave modifications that would come close to actual hacks.

    To be honest, to me it seems that you've just spouted some stuff on impulse because you just are not satisfied with your gaming performance even though you've spent so much time already. Well, I do a lot of martial arts and know that, if I would practice for 10 years while doing a lot of mistakes without ever noticing or correcting them, I wouldn't get much further. But hey, maybe that's also not what you want? Maybe you just want to have fun with your friends and enjoy the game, maybe you don't want to be the best or better than somebody else? So then, I ask you, what exactly is the problem? That someone plays in a different way which doesn't suit Your way?
    Just saying..."Variety is the spice of life". (btw. fun fact, I recently read in an article that a chinese scientist has altered the dna of a newborn baby, and for me, that was a real shock.. because imagine that in a few years the time might come where only perfectly edited human beings are created and everytone who is just a little bit different will be considered as "wrong", mh sounds rather cruel, doesn't it? x( )

    In any case, I don't have anything against you personally as a human being or as a player, I don't dislike you and accept you as you are but as I said, to me it seems that you bring the kind of emotions into a game which you should not.

    Peace out,
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    Zoran wrote very argumented answer.
    I can add that i also dont like the way some players SOMETIMES play, but sometimes i don't like my own gaming behaviour as well.
    Nobody is perfect.
    p.s. greedy playing is not welcomed but it's allowed until the rules are violated. From time to time anyone could be a little bit greedy. Overwhelming majority of players are quite adequate. If not, please record demo, upload it on any fileshare hosting and leave a public post on forum or send a private message. All hidden violators should be revealed.
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    zoran i'm not english native
    exist a lot arguments on my hand and know how managent with them; no one wants touch this "rose with spikes"
    i dont talk about a single game is a completely everytime acting at gaming, he is moderating ingame actually
    but this picture as lot reason to think how driving/managent this situation

    P.s the only point with has a lot coincidence at point 5
    my performance/skill is much or balanced as my internet and computer let take a regular situation not good at all , depend entirely of me & time free on my case (i cant play like 18 hours/balanced regular lifetime, my personal goal it was play and reach out pro ranked II)
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