L4D2 reward system

Welcome to the page for receiving daily bonuses on the Left 4 Dead 2 game servers.

The initial amount of bonus points is 300. Then, every day, you will receive 100 points. Additionally, you can earn more points (up to 500 per day) by being active on the forum and/or Discord chat. Each of your messages in the forum or a "like" for your message will give you an additional 1 point. Be active on the forum and Discord chat to earn more bonus points! A players who have a PRO-Rank on the server receive an additional multiplier, which is calculated by dividing your current PRO-Rank by 4, rounded up.

Additionally, we invite you to join our Discord chat to earn points for being active in the chat, up to 250 points per day!

In addition to points, you can randomly receive a FREE 10-day VIP subscription when choosing a Versus server. On your birthday, you are guaranteed to receive VIP on any selected server. Make sure you have specified your date of birth on the forum, otherwise, you cannot receive free VIP.

To receive the daily bonus, you need to:
  1. Login or register on our forum using this link
  2. Link your Steam account to your forum account using this link or login to Discord
  3. Choose the desired server to receive points
  4. Click the "Get Bonus" button
Bonus points for a new day can be obtained at any time within 24 hours. The new day is considered to be the time after midnight in Moscow time. You cannot receive points for the previous day that were not received.

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Top-20 Awarded Users of All Time:
  1. iOFl (total received 762,780 points)
  2. R1ZLA® (total received 594,557 points)
  3. ZoOom (total received 548,695 points)
  4. ВоЛчОнОК (total received 541,963 points)
  5. céleste (total received 532,082 points)
  6. Somebody (total received 458,317 points)
  7. Arturka (total received 358,779 points)
  8. PHaNToMIK (total received 329,198 points)
  9. Нейтрал (total received 321,483 points)
  10. Seda (total received 307,674 points)
  11. Inferior (total received 278,779 points)
  12. Mysterious (total received 269,859 points)
  13. ✿Kira✿ (total received 250,936 points)
  14. `Roxy (total received 249,547 points)
  15. Kristinka^^ (total received 242,650 points)
  16. NLP.$UICIDEB0Y (total received 224,838 points)
  17. Skelmer (total received 200,188 points)
  18. Zugzwang (total received 173,710 points)
  19. Shayk (total received 164,500 points)
  20. L X R D (total received 161,462 points)


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