CORE-SS Versus

The server is a versus game with a non-standard number of game slots.

Features of the server:
  • Unique player statistics for the server, with the ability to evaluate your game skill, titles, achievements, game level and much more!
  • Tanks and other Special Infecteds can be extinguished by vomit or Boomer explosion.
  • Several Tanks in different places on the map as you progress through it.
  • Supply crates arranged on maps.
  • A melee weapon at the start of a round.
  • Zombie class selection system.
  • Infected can release the victim.
  • Infected can immediately kill themselves using the Zoom button (mouse wheel by default).
  • More places for infected to spawn.
  • Boomer can knock down Survivors.
  • The Jockey can jump with the victim and also reduces the victim's movement speed for several seconds when scratching him.
  • The ability to fly in ghost mode for the infected.
  • The ability of the Smoker to move while choking the victim.
  • The Charger can push objects when hitting them and turn while running.
  • The Hunter can deal critical damage by jumping from a height.
  • The Tank can jump higher by pressing CTRL+SPACE.
  • Survivors can crawl if they fall.
  • Self-Helping with medicines.
  • Magnum for incapacitated Survivors if they have a melee weapon.
  • Players with the status "is going to die" are highlighted with a white aura.
  • Lots of unique plugins written specifically for our server!
  • Complicated paths for some maps.
  • Many changes to maps to improve balance.
  • and much more...

Player coloring by points:
  1. 5000 Points - light green color
  2. 10000 Points - blue-green color
  3. 20000 Points - blue color
  4. 40000 Points - green color
  5. 80000 Points - purple color
  6. 160000 Points - pink color
  7. 320000 Points - red color
  8. 640000 Points - orange color

Ranks in relation to the skill:
  • SSS (Grandmaster) need skill 2600
  • SS (Expert+) need skill 1800
  • S (Expert) need skill 1250
  • A (Master) need skill 1000
  • B (Ace) need skill 800
  • C (Veteran) need skill 500
  • D (Survivor) need skill 300
  • E (Nomad) skill below 300.


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