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The server make an opportunity for players to buy some privileges, that are:
  • Connection to the reserved slot (if it is not occupied already)
  • Prefix [VIP] and the special nickname color in the game chat
  • Callvote kick immunity
  • The number of lives increases to 175 HP (Temp 75 Health) at the treatment of first aid kit
  • Long lifetime, when you incapacitated
  • Long lifetime, when you revived
  • You get on 35% more points
  • You can be incapacitated 1 extra time (3 times total) before becoming black and white
  • Turret (command !turret). Kill bosses, ignite infected.
  • An access to the command sm_items which gives you:
    • Weapon:
      • Magnum (every 15 minutes)
      • Auto shotgun (XM1014) (every 15 minutes)
      • SG552 (every 15 minutes)
    • Melee:
      • Katana (every 45 minutes)
      • Baseball bat (every 30 minutes)
      • Axe (every 30 minutes)
      • Golfclub (every 30 minutes)
    • Other:
      • Adrenaline (every 15 minutes)
      • Pills (every 15 minutes)
      • Pipe bomb (every 10 minutes)
      • Laser sight (every 5 minutes)

The Aura

You can also purchase the aura - a player's contour which you can see when he's alive. There are 7 aura's colours: red, green, blue, yellow, orange, aqua и purple. You can change a colour any time with the command sm_aura.
With the purchasing of the VIP service you're taking part in the server's development and get certain privileges.

The VIP service will be activated during 16 hours after we receive the payment on the one of our e-wallets.
If you want to order the VIP service, fill in the form below.

If you have any questions ask them by e-mail

Basic commands:
  • sm_vip - menu with all the features
  • sm_aura - menu with a choice of colors of the aura
  • sm_items [#] - menu with a choice of subjects. [#] - a parameter indicating the number of the subject. Example sm_items 8 will give you a bomb. Number of items can be seen in the selection menu
  • sm_turret - Turret

  • Purchasing the VIP service makes you a VIP player but does not free from the server's rules. If you break them the administrators will punish you like any other player
  • Your payment will not be repayed if you suddenly changed your mind
  • We don't return money in any case!!!
  • Days for which you did not use the service (or were absent on the server) for one reason or another are not restored.
  • The VIP privileges can be changed by the administration

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