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The server make an opportunity for players to get some privileges, that are:
  • Connection to the reserved slot (if it is not occupied already)
  • [VIP] prefix in front of your nickname or another nickname color in the chat
  • Callvote kick immunity
  • The number of health increases to 150 HP (temp 50 health) at the treatment of first aid kit
  • You will have full health when rescued from a rescue room
  • More health when you're incapacitated
  • More health after you're get revived
  • You get 30% more points
  • You can be incapacitated 1 extra time (total three) before you going to die
  • When you are incapacitated, you will have a magnum pistol instead of a pistol if you had any melee weapon before the incapacitation
  • Turret (command !turret). Kills bosses, ignite infected
  • The crowbar and cricket bat changes its appearance to an exclusive one when you pick it up.
  • An access to the command sm_items which gives you:
    • Weapon:
      • Spas (every 2 hours)
      • Magnum (every 15 minutes)
      • Auto shotgun (XM1014) (every 15 minutes)
      • SG552 (every 15 minutes)
    • Melee:
      • Katana (every 45 minutes)
      • Cricket bat (every 30 minutes)
      • Crowbar (every 30 minutes)
      • Golfclub (every 30 minutes)
    • Other:
      • Adrenaline (every 15 minutes)
      • Pills (every 15 minutes)
      • Pipe bomb (every 10 minutes)
      • Laser sight (every 5 minutes)


You can also get the aura - a player's contour which you can see when he's alive. You can change a colour any time with the command sm_aura. There are 10 aura's colours: red, green, blue, yellow, orange, aqua, pink, crimson, cosmo and purple. It is also possible to choose a random color.
If you wish to receive a VIP, then fill out the form below.

If you have any questions ask them by e-mail [email protected].

Basic commands:
  • sm_vip - menu with all the features
  • sm_aura - menu with a choice of colors of the aura
  • sm_items [#] - menu with a choice of subjects. [#] - a parameter indicating the number of the subject. Example sm_items 8 will give you a bomb. Number of items can be seen in the selection menu
  • sm_turret - Turret

  • Receiving VIP is a voluntary support (donation) of the project. We are grateful to everyone who supports us!
  • VIPs are not exempt from liability for violating server rules.
  • Days in which you did not use VIP (or were absent from the server) for one reason or another are not restored.
  • VIP player options are subject to change by the administration.




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